Start issuing Diners Club today to set your business apart


Offer Clubmembers a collection of exciting benefits and Privileges.

  • Access to more than 1000 airport lounges
  • Privileges offers in travel, dining and entertainment
  • Accepted by more than 35+ million merchants worldwide

See Clubmember Benefits

See Clubmember Benefits


Provide businesses simple, yet powerful solutions tailored to their needs.

  • Small business, corporate and multinational cards
  • Suite of simple, yet powerful payment solutions
  • Robust, efficient spend management solutions

Find Business Solutions

Find Business Solutions


Show merchants how acceptance can impact their business.

  • Join the Discover Global Network
  • Increase sales from loyal Personal and Business Clubmembers around the globe
  • Differentiate by offering your customers more ways to pay

Explore Merchant Benefits

Explore Merchant Benefits

Maintain and Increase Revenue

Expand your payment product suite, attract new customers and grow your business. Issuing Diners Club can provide you with a competitive advantage in a challenging economic and regulatory environment.

  • Rely on a strong and flexible global network
  • Choose from multiple Diners Club products to best meet your customers’ needs
  • Gain from our consumer and commercial payment solutions
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Competitive Advantage

Stand out among your competitors. Only Diners Club offers the global benefits, resources and capabilities to set you apart from the competition on a worldwide scale.

  • Meet the needs of consumers and businesses looking for alternative payment solutions
  • Take advantage of a strong and well-established Diners Club brand
  • Offer your customers better card acceptance in certain international markets
  • Enjoy dedicated relationship management
  • Collaborate, network and share business insights with other Diners Club issuers around the globe
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Discover Global Network

Become an issuer of Diners Club and a member of the Discover® Global Network. As part of the Discover Global Network, Diners Club is uniquely qualified to serve its cardmembers, merchants, issuers and acquirers all over the world.

  • Leverage a strong, global reputation
  • Reach affluent, traveling Clubmembers and business owners
  • Benefit from acceptance in more than 200 countries and territories
  • Access to over 1.3M+ million convenient cash locations and ATMs
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